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Public Speaking

Encourage.  Educate.  Empower. 


I wholeheartedly believe sharing our story is the most impactful way to cultivate change.  Audiences will walk through our family's journey and leave with a new perspective on supporting and educating a child with challenging behavior.  This thought-provoking conversation, centered around my newly released book, Exceptionally Unordinary: A Mom's Mission to Turn an Unordinary Life into Her Purpose, is best suited for parents, educators (both present and future), and specialists working with exceptional children.    


I believe tough conversations can yield big results.  Open minds, open hearts, and the willingness to learn is a recipe for life-changing results for children struggling in homes and classrooms.   


The ultimate goal is an education #AppropriateForAll.  This is a call for action!  Children who are outside-of-the-box are struggling in schools all around the country.  Speaking up, raising awareness, offering encouragement and a voice to those who have been silenced will bring this issue to the forefront of conversations within the educational community.  


To inquire about a speaking engagement, please fill out the contact form!               

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