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What Am I Missing?

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Dysgraphia, Executive Function Deficits, and Sensory Processing issues are not always on the forefront of an educator's mind when they have a child in their classroom who is struggling. In fact, they may not be familiar with these terms at all or how they will impact a child's educational performance.

I recently presented to an education class at my alma mater regarding these common, but little-known, challenges that co-occur with the primary disability of a child with special needs. In the near future, all of the students will graduate with a degree in special and general education and one day become a devoted teacher in their own classroom.

During my presentation I shared one of my child's real-life work examples and asked, "Who has heard of Dysgraphia?"

Not one hand shot up. Not one hand even sort of creeped up. Nothing. I was shocked.

Several years ago, I was that student sitting in the classroom preparing to educate the next generation. Like them, I had never heard of Dysgraphia or Executive Function Deficits. In fact, throughout my years in the classroom, neither of those terms were ever uttered. Perhaps the lingo has changed over time, after all, I have been out of the classroom as an educator for over a decade, but not one person in the class I presented to?

Let that sink in. Now shift your mindset to, "How can we change this?"

We educate. We educate ourselves and we share our knowledge with those who teach and provide services to our children. We share our stories and reach out to those who are struggling to make sense of the challenges their child faces each and every day.

Are you familiar with Dysgraphia? Executive Function Deficits? Sensory Processing issues? Do you know how they impact educational performance?

If your answer is, "NO" to any of these questions, please register for my free upcoming workshop, 3 Little-Known Learning Challenges that May Be Causing Your Child Frustration at School.

Encourage. Educate. Empower.


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