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Parent Empowerment Summit

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

What happens when you reflect on your journey thus far and feel a burning so deep inside your soul you know you have to act on it? Well, you get still, contemplate your thoughts and ideas, and turn it into a reality.

I am so thrilled to announce the creation of the first ever Parent Empowerment Summit! Make your calendars for March 30th, 2019, because you will not want to miss this one-of-a- kind event. My goal is for you to leave the Summit feeling encouraged, educated, and empowered with a network of people to support you on your journey.

I will kick off the day with the "Encourage" keynote address, an inspiring message intended to help you fully understand you are not alone on this journey. There will be two 45-minute breakout sessions before an hour-long lunch and opportunity to meet with and shop our vendor booths. After lunch, we will watch the documentary, "The Kids We Lose." This will be a must-see, especially for those who have children who struggle with behavior challenges.

Following the documentary, there will be two more additional breakout sessions followed by the "Empower" keynote address by Tanya Sockol. Her inspirational message will be the perfect end to the day!

There will be four breakout session tracks: Exceptionally Unordinary Education, Holistic/Self-Care, Therapies to Thrive, and The Ins and Outs of Education. Some of our presenter's sessions will be recorded, so if you are torn about which session to attend, you won't miss out! Only those in attendance will be given the opportunity to watch the presentations after the conference.

This road can be lonely, that's for sure, but there's nothing better for the soul than connecting with others who can understand and relate to the challenges you experience on this journey. One of the best things I ever did was take the plunge and attend the National Tourette Conference. It was the first environment I set foot in where I was able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing I was NOT alone. The opportunity to connect is priceless.

Be inspired. Breathe. Spend one day with us and fill your bucket. It will be so worth it!

To register, click here! If you are in the Mississippi Bend AEA region in Iowa, stipends are available through your AEA's Family & Educator Coordinator. Simply submit your receipt and this form after you register! If you are in Illinois, stipends may be available through ARC.

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