• Gina

3 Must-Haves for Families

Our journey has has taken us down many paths of symptom management: medication, therapy, chiropractic care, vitamins and supplements, and essential oils. Symptom management tends to be a very hot topic within most social circles and there is an expansive continuum on which people's opinions lie. One end is anti-medication, while the other is all for it. I've found most people lie somewhere in the middle, especially when the patient is a child.

Let's be clear here: there is no right or wrong way to help your child. For some, medication does wonders. For others, the side effects outweigh the benefits. Our oldest son has experienced both ends of this spectrum. Currently, we have a combination of two medications working well together, but it took over a year of trial and error to get to that point with many medication breaks along the way.

One constant throughout this process, though, has been our use of essential oils. Three years ago, I asked my husband to get me a starter kit for Mother's Day. I intended to diffuse oils in our home and occasionally use them topically, when needed, on members of our family. I really had no idea how beneficial essential oils were. I just loved the smell!

Fast-forward 3 years and they have become a vital part of our everyday life. I could spend a LONG time sharing how we use them, but I plan to keep it short and sweet today!

3 Must-Have Essential Oils for Families

For many, the cost of essential oils is intimidating. Sticker shock is common, BUT when the cost per use is broken down, most find it's actually quite cost-effective. Let's break it down using our family's 3 favorite essential oils: Valor, Lavender, and Peace & Calming.

Valor (5ml): $39.75 Wholesale (40 cents)

Lavender (15ml): $24.75 Wholesale (8 cents)

Peace & Calming (5ml) $34.75 Wholesale (35 cents)

Considering you only need 1-2 drops of oil when diffusing or applying topically, it turns out essential oil usage is not so expensive after all!

These three oils are a staple in our regimen. You will always find these three bottles in our home! Valor is used for anxiety. There are six people in our family...five of us have anxiety. A dab on the wrist or a drop in the diffuser does wonders in our home!