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Parenting a child with special needs is a journey like no other. Each day is a blessing, yet there are times when the challenges can bring you to your knees. Our mission at Parent Empowerment Groups is simple:  to encourage, educate, and empower parents raising exceptional children.  It is our goal to be a champion for all children.

Parent Empowerment Groups was founded by Gina Schlicksup, a mother who shares her Exceptionally Unordinary life with her hardworking husband of 14 years and 4 kiddos. Prior to becoming a mom, she was a special education teacher in the public school system. Now a homeschooling mama, she spends her days creating educational opportunities that meet her kids’ unique needs while teaching others to be an empowered, strong, informed voice for their child through her social media presence and Summits.

It is our firm belief that knowledge is power. Each and every child deserves an education appropriate for their individual, unique needs. The challenge in obtaining this educational experience became abundantly clear while Gina and her husband advocated for their own children's needs to be met.  This devastating struggle became the driving force behind the creation of Parent Empowerment Groups.

After speaking with educators and attending meetings as an advocate, it became evident there is a need for professional development opportunities for educators that explore unsolved problems within the classroom.  The impact of unidentified hidden disabilities can significantly impact the course of a child's life.  Our goal is to ensure educators are provided with the opportunity to learn about lesser-known disabilities and challenges that can impede a child's progress and lead to challenging behavior.      


Parents and educators, we are better together.  Knowledge is power and together we can set our children up for success.  Our ultimate goal is to ensure each and every child receives an education #ApproprateForAll and we know it can be done.

Gina Schlicksup, Founder

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